Media Savvy Girls is a social enterprise based in UK.

Our main aims are as follow:

– promote gender equality through campaigning and public engagement.

– promote and deliver marketing & media literacy education to younger (age 7-11) and older girls (age 12-18)

As a non-profit organisation we put passion, diversity and inclusion at the core of everything we do: from our recruitment of volunteers to our choice of partners, right down to our engagement with supporters and service users.

PASSION: we believe that a true enthusiastic commitment to the cause is indispensable to impact real social changes.

DIVERSITY: we actively promote diversity in our recruitment of volunteers & youth ambassadors, as well as in our service provision.

INCLUSION: We firmly believe that social and media literacy should not be a privilege reserved to the lucky few. We aim to engage as widely as possible with schools, parents, educators, girls and communities regardless of their cultural, religious and socio-economic background.

WHY ONLY GIRLS? To further honour our inclusive ethos we will aim to adapt our media and literacy kit to educate and empower boys as well as girls. We believe that this expansion of our service to boys is absolutely crucial is we want to fully achieve our broader aim of ending sexism and gender inequality. After a successful running of the pilot scheme with girls we will be using what we learned to develop a suitable intervention to bring social and media literacy to boys.