As soon as our marketing & media literacy kit is ready, MSG will run a pilot scheme in two local primary schools in Leicester. After the pilot scheme is completed successfully the plan is to start expanding the number and reach of the project by training a team of volunteers to deliver workshops into many more schools and youth centres.

Our plan is to educate and empower young girls through a three-fold process of AWARENESS- PARTICIPATION – ACTION.

AWARENESS: in the first stage girls will need to be made aware of many concepts pertinent to marketing and media literacy which are currently not covered within the school curriculum. Starting with an introductory session where we will be explaining what social and media literacy really consist of, the curriculum includes 6 essential lessons, which touch upon more than 20 basic concepts/ subjects included in our MML (Marketing & Media Literacy) kit.

PARTICIPATION: in this second stage the girls will be sharing their reflections and personal stories regarding the subjects touched during the awareness phase. This is a crucial step to enhance understanding and to enable girls to fully re-examinate their life experiences and identity themes in light of this new learning.

ACTION: in the final stage girls will be invited to contribute by creating their own resources (in any media format they wish: videos, prose, poetry, music, art pieces, painting/drawings/collages, photography, drama and so on). These resources will be shared through off-line exibition/event at their school and will be then uploaded on the website so that other girls around the world can benefit and participate further.

GIRLS AMBASSADORS: For girls wishing to bring their action to the next level there will be an opportunity to become “girl ambassador”: in this exciting role the girls will be enrolled as true activists in the project. Ambassadors will be invited to talk about their experience during our introductory sessions in other schools and they will be regularly engaged in spreading awareness and introducing our work and resources to their own network (i.e. family, friends, sport /activities clubs, social media, etc..), increasing the reach /benefits of the project exponentially.