In an increasingly media-saturated world, young girls are constantly bombarded by messages and images encouraging them to be beautiful, thin and sexy. There is an urgent necessity to educate young girls about how media and society construct their messages and what are the ideological and financial interests behind them.

Unfortunately, despite the widespread recognition of this urgent need, the provision of social and media literacy in UK’s school curriculum is still lagging behind.

Media Savvy Girls’ mission is to promote gender equality and improve the life & wellbeing of young girls by:

  • Advancing their social and media literacy skills
  • Challenging female objectification & gender stereotypes
  • Providing direct engagement with healthy female role models
  • Empowering through awareness, participation and action

Our aim is to break the vicious cycle created by ignorance, through dispelling the many myths around gender, beauty and sexuality promoted by marketing and media. We firmly believe that this opportunity should not have a price tag but be freely available to all girls, regardless of their economic and social background.

Only by bringing this knowledge to them we can allow young girls to grow into happy, competent and confident teenagers and women.