Media Savvy Girls advocates the use of innovative ways to fully engage young girls in the understanding and discussion of important social and media literacy topics.

We are still developing our resources kit with the help of a few consultants and funds are urgently needed to complete this work.

A preview of our video kit will be released during our crowdfunding campaign, so that our supporters and prospective donors/sponsors/partners can actually see how amazing and engaging these new resources are.

We can anticipate that the kit includes a total of 6 (theory) +6 (practice) videos lessons around important topics of marketing and media literacy currently absent in the school curriculum. The first kit is specifically aimed at girls age 7-11. A second kit will be adapted from this first one to effectively educate girls age 12-16.

We have been solicited by many supporters, parents and educators regarding adapting our resources to boys. We strongly believe that this is necessary: if we really want to promote gender equality, talking to our boys and future men should be an essential step in the process.

For this reason, we foreseen the adaptation of both these kits to talk to a boys’ audience and we are actively looking for educators and media literacy enthusiasts with the right skills and expertise in this area: please do get in touch!

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