Welcome to Media Savvy Girls ‘ action website

This site is a work in progress and it is meant to be a place of collective sharing and awakening for many young girls around the world.

Here you will find a plethora of creative ideas and reflections in the form of prose, music, videos, pictures and just about any media format you can think of, to increase girls’ social and media literacy, enhancing their understanding of a variety of complex and important topics currently – and shockingly so -overlooked by the school curriculum.

Subjects such as gender stereotypes, gender equality, media framing, marketing & advertising , celebrities culture, sexism and feminism, just to name a few.

Many of these resources will be used during the actual running of workshops in schools and youth centres in UK (with a vision to expand operation in other countries through partnerships with other organisations), while many more will be created as a post-workshop’s reflection by the girls themselves, so that their learning can be disseminated and shared with other young girls around the world.