What’s marketing and media literacy? We have a lot of unlearning to do!

The lessons included in Media Savvy Girls ‘curriculum are meant to dispel many myths surrounding the messages we get from marketing and the media.

Since the day we are born, these messages (from our family, our community, our school, the media we watched and interact with) give us suggestions about our place in the world, how we should behave, how we should look like, what we should be aiming for and what are the values we should base our life and happiness on.  These messages become the fabric of our mind and direct our emotions, desires, dreams and fears.

Yet, there is really not an advanced level of teaching in schools or elsewhere regarding how these messages are constructed; nobody teaches us whether we should believe them, put our trust in them. Nobody tell us how we should analyse them and break them down to fully comprehend their origin and meaning.

Media Savvy Girls’ curriculum includes 6 essential lessons imparted in 6 engaging and co-creative workshops. Every workshop will provide learning through 3 methods:


AWARENESS = a presentation of the topic

PARTICIPATION = Q&A, discussing and share personal experiences regarding the topic presented

ACTION = discussing positive and practical things that we (girls) can do to counteract the pressure from media and marketing regarding the topic discussed; co-creating artwork and resources.


  1. INTRO SESSION – Media culture, consumerism, the digital revolution, social media and neuro-psychology: why is so important to learn essential critical skills to live in a media-saturated world.
  2. BEHIND ANY MEDIA MESSAGE THERE IS A PRODUCER: how marketing & advertising messages are constructed. Understanding the financial interests behind adverts & media
  3. UNDERSTANDING GENDER: femininity & masculinity. Gender stereotyping: what it is, how to detect it and how to bypass it
  4. HOW MEDIA AFFECT THE WAY WE SEE OURSELVES: body image, beauty standards, Photoshop/airbrushing, self-objectification
  5. GENDER EQUALITY: historical overview, cultural differences, sexism and feminism
  6. ROLE MODELS AND CELEBRITY CULTURE: how media promote certain life-styles and values.

Every workshop session is structured in 2 hours, by including:

  • 20 minutes child-friendly presentation of the topic (done through  whiteboard animation)
  • 15 minutes of Q&A and sharing personal experiences regarding the topic presented
  • 15 minutes discussion of “FREE GIRL- ACTION PLAN” regarding the issues presented
  • 70 minutes co-creative session where the participants will create their own artwork/ resources to make other girls reflect about the topics discussed


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